Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Dress

I found
my dress today. 
I feel so pretty in it
I want to wear it all the time. 
I do not want to wait five months 
for it to come in. I want it now. 
My mom, sister, and 8 month old niece Gabbi 
went with me to find it. Gabbi was a big help,
and I am glad she was there.
Vintage, lace-overlay, pearls, and beads.
Strapless, ivory, flower, Maggie Sottero,
Perfect Perfect Dress.
I could not be happier.
(Except maybe if Suni and Kayla could have been there, too).


  1. If I google all of those descriptive words, do you think a picture of the dress will come up? So sad I missed that day :(

  2. I hope Darren doesn't read your blog.... I mean i would think it would be bad luck for him to be able to have a mental image just as it would to see it haha

    I wish i could have been there too :((

  3. Maggie Sottero??
    My senior prom dress was Maggie Sottero!
    I am so happy for you lil' bit!!