Thursday, September 1, 2011

Married Couple Schedule

School has recently started back,
which would explain my lack of blogging the past few weeks.

Unfortunately, Darren and I are both in school, at different places, all at different times.
We never see each other anymore.

However, in order to keep up with each other, my sweet little husband created a Microsoft Excel file.
It has each of our school schedules on it. And work, too.
He included all hours and half-hours of the day.
He even color coordinated it so we would be able to tell whether the other one was at work or school.
Then he color coordinated each of our different classes.
Then he made a key explaining what each color was.
Now I know that at exactly 4:30 on Thursday afternoons, he is in Income Tax II.
Then he suggested making it even more exact by putting in formulas & yada-yada-yada.......
To which I told him he just needed to stop before people started thinking he was some kind of geeky accounting nerd. Oh wait..........

Anyways, it was a very sweet thing for him to do. He even took the time to email it to me so I could put it on my desktop. What a cutie-patootie.

Rule #7: Busy married Couples, according to Darren, a good way to manage your time is by creating an Excel spreadsheet. I simply print out my school schedule and put it on the fridge.

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