Friday, December 31, 2010

The Art of Marriage

I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas..I know I did! I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of year. Darren says that I'm a Christmas freak. I watch Christmas movies, bake cookies and all kinds of candy, listen to Christmas music, and believe that the Christmas season extends until New Years. Sorry buddy, you better get used to're stuck with me (however, my mom said that I will have to come do a lot of the baking/movie watching with her, so Darren, you may be off the hook).

The best part about Christmas, though, is spending time with my amazing family. We're crazy, but I love it. This year, Adam and Suni bought me and Darren our first decoration for our home and our first ornaments for our tree that we will have together next year. All three gifts are so special to me, and I will always remember that I got them from my big brother and sister. I love you guys..thanks for being such a great example for me and Darren of what a loving marriage truly is. (Thanks to Leah and Steve, too. You guys are also great!)
I love love love this. So sweet. Already thinking about where I will hang it.

My mom teared up when she realized my last name will no longer be Savage.

Suni said she likes to get ornaments representing what happened that year, so Darren and I can now start doing the same!

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