Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Do List

It is 2011. The year of my wedding. Not only that, but my wedding is actually 5 months from today. Exactly. Why am I not more stressed out? Why am I not freaking out about wedding plans? I do not know. But it kind of worries me. So much to do. A rather short amount of time. But I'm not worried, which, ironically, worries me.
I think the main reason I am not freaking about wedding plans is because they really do not matter. What matters is that on June 11 I am marrying Darren Kirk Townley. And really, what is more important than that? Yes, I want the wedding to look beautiful. Yes, I want my guests to say, "Wow, you really did all this yourself?!" But in reality, Darren and I could go to the courthouse and I would be perfectly happy (my mom probably would not be). I know that our wedding is going to be beautiful no matter what, because Darren will be my husband and I will be his wife, and that is a beautiful thing. 
I will continue to engage in wedding plans, and believe me, there is still a lot to do. My wedding "To Do List" for 2011:
  1. Bridesmaids dresses
  2. Invitations (this....I am dreading)
  3. Antique-ing for glass vases/jars for center pieces
  4. Mason Jars/Shepherds Hooks for aisle
  5. Nag Darren about grooms cake or cupcakes or ice cream.....I'm rooting for ice cream
  6. Pick out pictures for picture tree
  7. Chalk boards
  8. Talk Adam into painting wooden signs ;)
  9. EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! (this post would be entirely too long if I honestly posted everything I have to do).
Wish me luck....I'll need it. I'm sure the stressing/freaking out will soon sink in. 

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