Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lemonade Dress

A simple, cotton, summery, casual, non-hideous bridesmaid dress. It doesn't sound that hard does it? Yeah, I didn't think so either. I was wrong. Or maybe I'm too picky. Or maybe it's the color I want. Or maybe I'm a big tight wad. Or maybe.....ok...this could go on forever.

I want dresses that my bridesmaids wouldn't be embarrassed to wear again. And since it's a backyard wedding I don't want anything too formal. I want something like this:

Only I want it in the lemonade color (the website's color title..not mine. Although, "Lemonade" is a nice color name for a backyard wedding in June). So, I found the perfect dress!  
I love my bridesmaids, but I really do not want to break the bank on you guys..sorry.

Therefore, if anybody knows where I can find something similar (or if anyone really loves to sew lemonade colored bridesmaids dresses....), please let me know! Help a bride out. Before I freak out/stress out/try to sew them myself....all three scenarios spell disaster. 

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