Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mason Jars/ Shepherds Hooks

So since we went snow skiing over Spring Break I didn't get to do a lot of stuff for the wedding like I had originally planned

 (That's okay though..I would've rather been in Estes Park anyways. I love it. I want to move there, Darren.)
BUT, Mom and I did get the mason jars and shepherds hooks taken care of that are going to line the aisle!
We bought the shepherds hooks, courtesy of Hobby Lobby. (By the way, don't ever buy anything full price at Hobby Lobby. They always put things 50% off!) And being the lovely southern women that we are -AMEN!- we already have all the mason jars that I could ever want! Here's how we made our little hanging jar contraption:
1. Get a Mason Jar

2. Cut a piece of wire. We used 17 gauge.

3. Wrap it loosely around the lip of the jar.

4 & 5. Attach a second piece of wire to the first to make the handle and use pliers to tighten the underwire to secure.


These are going to be put on the end of every other row of chairs going down the aisle. Picture the mason jars with a bouquet of flowers. Beautiful.

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