Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Love My Momma

So I know this is a little belated since Mothers Day was two days ago, but I couldn't help but go ahead and post a little something about my mom.

I have the best mom in the world. It's true.
She has done so much for me, and so much for the wedding.
I don't know what I'd do without her.
She helped me pick out my dress.
And my shoes.
She went with me to many many venues, before convincing me that she would do whatever it took to have the backyard wedding I really wanted.
She picked up the bridesmaids dresses.
She figured out a way to make the mason jars.
She found and hired a caterer.
She researched several places and ordered tables, chairs, and linens.
She told me I could have the photographer I wanted.
She helped me pick out invitations, put them together, address them.
She went with me to antique stores to buy vases for centerpieces.
She spent a good 4 hours on the computer looking up where we could buy coral peonies so I could have the flowers that I really wanted.
She went with me to register, and didn't complain once about my indecisiveness.
She hugged me and rubbed my back when I started getting stressed out about everything.
And when I say everything, I mean everything.
She is sewing all 20 table runners herself for the tables at the reception.
Her green thumb has planted many beautiful flowers to make our backyard look just right for June 11.
She has unselfishly given her time, money, and love. Just for me.
She doesn't realize how much she does for not only me, but for my whole family.
I love you, Mom.
God knew what I needed when he gave me you.
Happy Mothers Day.


  1. That is too sweet. I love Mama Savage :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth - I found your blog thru facebook. you probably don't remember me but I was your 'next door neighbor' when you lived in Konawa - the last time I saw you, you were a little girl. You have grown into a beautiful young woman. I just wanted to share something with you regarding your upcoming wedding. Check out Cherry Hill Cottage. These are some gals I found out about in our trips to Canton, Texas. They recently did a barn wedding and when I saw the pictures, I thought of you ... some of their ideas are very cute ... just thought I would share. Hope you have a wonderful wedding.. I know you will be a beautiful bride. Tell you mom Howdy from me...... Kim Streetman