Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ring Bearer Numero Uno

One, or should I say TWO, of the things that I am so very happy to have on my wedding day are my sweet (ornery) nephews/ring bearers.

This little guy makes me smile everytime I see him. So stinkin cute.
Only he's not so little anymore...He just turned 4 on May 7! Sorry I missed your party buddy.
He loves Toy Story, Cars, and now apparently Fire Fighters and Trucks as well (he had a fire fighter birthday party).
I'll never forget the first time he said my name. It was on my 18th birthday and it came out "Iz." Best birthday present ever.
He's too smart for his own good, and is very proud that his daddy is an "anesthesia doctor, who works at Scott&White, and helps the sick people."
He's also super funny. This is the conversation that ensued when Darren and I got engaged:
-Suni: Ethan, what is Aunt Liz going to do?
-Ethan: Aunt Liz is gonna get married.
-Suni: And who is Aunt Liz marrying?
-Ethan: I don't remember!
-Suni: Yes you do...we talked about it earlier. Think about it.
*Ethan walks upstairs where he sees Darren studying.
-Ethan: Hey.
-Darren: Hey Ethan.
-Ethan: You marrying Aunt Liz?
-Darren: Yeah..........
-Ethan: Okay. Whatch your name??

Ethan, Aunt Liz loves you so so much. Please don't forget about me even though you live in Texas and I don't see you as much. I'm so glad that your mommy and daddy decided to have you, and I cant wait to see you this weekend!!!!!

~P.S. Luke-don't get your feelings hurt. You will be receiving a shoutout on my blog shortly. =)

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  1. That convo between E and Darren cracks me up everytime I think about it! We love you too and so excited to be a part of your special day!