Friday, May 27, 2011

Ring Bearer Numero Dos

Luke Ryan Perkins

This kid cracks me up
He probably has more energy than anybody I know
He's always wanting to go outside
And play basketball....ALL THE TIME!
He LOVES basketball. And he's obsessed with the Thunder.
Basketball is played a lot at his house. And he's always Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook.
He gets very mad if someone tries to pretend they're Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook.
Exhibit A:
*Shooting baskets in the living room, Leah (my sister/Luke's mom), makes 3 in a row.
-Leah: Woo!!! I'm Kevin Durant!
-Luke: No! You're not Kevin Durant!
-Leah: Okay fine, I'm Westbrook.
-Luke: (temper rising) NO!! You are NOT Russell Westbrook and you are NOT Kevin Durant!!!!
-Leah: Well who am I then?!
-Luke: (VERY angry) You Jeff Green!!!
Hahahahahaha this kid knows his basketball.
I love that he used to call me Auntie Sis.
And I love that he now calls me Auntie Wiz.
And that he stares up at me with those big blue eyes.
And that he loves Darren. And Darren loves him just as much.
When he sees me these are the first words out of his mouth: "Hey Auntie Wiz, where's Darren?"
At least he tells me "Hey" first.
And I LOVE that he is sharing his birthday with my wedding day. June 11th will always be a special special day for the both of us. =)

See the energy below....he has a ton of it. He's funny.

I love you Luke Ryan. I hope you never grow out of calling me Auntie Wiz!

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