Thursday, July 14, 2011

Organization skills, Ladies

Part of becoming a housewife is learning how to be organized.
Keeping things tidy.
Drawer organizers.
Making the most of your space.
Finding specific places for things.
Remembering where those places/things are.

Trust me, it's VERY important.
See this platter and these dish cloths:
One of my friends bought me this gift and I love it!
I remember registering for this platter at Dillard's.
I thought it looked so bright, and summery, and festive, and I couldn't wait to serve hamburgers on it (I recently served quesadillas on it instead; our apartment complex won't let us grill)!
So I was super happy to receive it as a gift. 

When we got home from our honeymoon, I began unpacking gifts, and began getting ORGANIZED. As soon as I opened a gift, Darren would take the trash and chunk it...what a good hubby.

The next day, I continued my organizing and began finding a place for all my new things. 
Naturally, I started looking for my lovely platter and dish cloths.
Nowhere to be found.
I searched high and low.
I turned the apartment upside down.
I looked in every single empty box.
My platter had been "chunked" in the trash. It was the only explanation.
I cried to my mom.
We purchased a new one at Dillard's.
I made quesadillas!

One week later, I noticed this adorable black and white hat box in mine and Darren's bedroom.
I thought, "This would be a good box to store things in!"
I opened the lid, and there was my missing platter and dish cloths!!!!! 
I then had two.
If anybody wants one, there is an extra at Dillard's.

Organization, Ladies: Find specific places for things, and REMEMBER WHERE THOSE PLACES AND THINGS ARE!!!!
I'm still not quite sure why the specific place for my platter was in a hat box, so don't ask. It's now in the kitchen where it belongs.

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