Sunday, July 10, 2011

When Husband's Away.......

When husband is away on business (3 weeks into marriage I might add),

Wifey will go home to see Momma and Daddy!

Yes, I have to admit, I am a big time Momma's Girl. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

It's great to have your mom there for advice when you first get married.
Where should I keep my pots and pans? What kind of vacuum cleaner do I buy? Do these pillows look good on the couch?

And then of course there are the "Will yous...."
Mom, will you come help me sort through gifts? Will you go with me to shop for decor? Will you make me some curtains for the living room???!

So, when Darren was out of town for work, I bought some fabric at Hobby Lobby that I had my eye on for MONTHS, and I went home to spend a couple days with my mom and dad........and so my mom could make me curtains!

And how beautiful they turned out!
this is the fabric I picked out

And the finished product!
What a sweet, amazing, talented mom I have.
(She'll be in for a real treat when my kids are someday knockin on her door for help; I have no clue how to make curtains.)

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