Friday, February 11, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses!!!!!!!

So I found my bridesmaid dresses...hooray! My mom and I had seen three dresses, all in a medium, at Lucca about three weeks ago. But I didn't buy them.
I don't know why.
I was dumb.
I wasn't looking for bridesmaid dresses.
I was looking for clothes for me.
For my birthday.
I guess I was being inconsiderate to my dear bridesmaids.
Sorry girls.

So naturally, after leaving Lucca, I kicked myself for two weeks for not trying one on. I constantly asked my mom, "Why didn't you make me get them?!" Of course it was all her fault. Once again, I must apologize. Sorry, Mom. I love you.

So last Saturday after work I went by Lucca, and ta-da! They were all three still there. I took this as a sign that it was meant to be. Yes, I originally liked the ones on Etsy. But Etsy, I am not going to apologize to you. I got three dresses for the price of ONE on your website.
No offense, though, Etsy.
I still love you.

Here are the fantastical dresses (Yes, I realize fantastical is not a word. I got it from Ramona and Beezus. No, Darren and I did not watch it by ourselves. We watched it with Kamy.):
What a beautiful bridesmaid =)
Picture how pretty these dresses will look with a bouquet of coral peonies and yellow wildflowers.

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